Acquire Maximum Cash From your Business’ Contracts Today 

contract-financingAt Capital Funding Resources, our contract financing program allows you to receive maximum cash from your business’ ongoing contracts instead of waiting to receive incremental payments from your clients throughout the life of the agreement. When we determine that this financing solution is right for your business, we will carefully structure the deal to accommodate your specific needs. 

The Program’s Specifics

The approach we take to financing contracts is unique and is far less expensive than equity. Some of the highlights of this program include the following:

  • Any deal we finance must be worth a minimum of $1,000,000.
  • Any service contracts we finance must have an equipment component.
  • This program is designed for customer investment grade or near investment grade contracts.

Although virtually any business can benefit from financing their contracts, this program is particularly beneficial for companies that are just starting out or emerging in their industry. However, if you are interested in financing your business’ contracts, keep in mind that this program is not for ongoing service maintenance contracts.

Industries Where This Financing Solution Works Best

Contract financing works extremely well in certain industries, such as municipal, technology, digital broadcasting, software development, retail, medical, recycling, banking, entertainment, waste management, and water purification industries. To find out more about financing your business’ contracts and how we can help, contact us at Capital Funding Resources today.

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