Try Out Our Innovative Annuity Financing Program 

annuity-financingCapital Funding Resources has implemented a new program that gives you the ability to sell off your annuity for access to immediate liquid capital. Our annuity financing program is ideal for business owners who want to sell a portion of their payments, all of their payments or just a specific portion of every incoming payment.

Advantages of Our Financing Program

If you’d like to enroll in our annuity financing program, you’ll have the resources you need to handle sudden expenses and unexpected changes. You can also:

  • Personalize your option according to your current situation
  • Safely position your assets for transferring them to your heirs
  • Cash out your inherited annuity
  • Sidestep expensive surrender charges

You’ll enjoy all of these benefits along with our exemplary customer service.

Required Information

Before you get in touch with us for a quote, there are certain pieces of information that we recommend you gather beforehand to expedite the process, such as:

  • Your first date of payment
  • Your final guaranteed date of payment
  • The amount of your payment
  • How often you’ll be making your payments (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually)
  • Annuity policy number
  • The name of your current insurance company
Even if you don’t have this information, feel free to give us a call anyway and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process.

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