We Specialize in Exemplary Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

unsecured-lines-of-creditAt Capital Funding Resources we make it our goal to offer the absolute best in unsecured business lines of credit. With this commercial lending program there’s no need for you to worry about collateral, and we can easily take on individual lines of credit for $500,000 and smaller business credit card solutions. The amount that you qualify for will be determined by your current credit profile as well as the profitability and size of your business.

Start-Up and Established Businesses

You can expect to receive anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 monthly if you:

  • Own a start-up company
  • Have yet to establish revenue
  • Have a partner or owner who has a qualifying credit file

You can expect anywhere between $100,000 and $500,000 without collateral if you:

  • Have an established business with a current income of $1,000,000 up to $10,000,000
  • Qualify with your current credit and financials

Since we only offer A-Paper products, you can only expect the very best of rates for your unsecured business lines of credit.

Loan Details

Our loans range anywhere from zero percent introductory offers on our entire list of options for business credit card solutions to one to five percent over prime for our bigger lines of business credit. Currently, “subprime” unsecured loans aren’t available, which means that you’ll either receive the great rates or you won’t be eligible for approval.

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